7 Ways To Calm Your Stresses When You Are Meeting New People

7 Ways To Calm Your Stresses When You are Meeting New People

Keeping few extroverts as exception, most of the people loathe to leave their comfort zone. While they can be all fun and engaging around people they know, it gets equally paralyzing and anxious around those they don’t. But before we jump to any solution, let’s first take a look at the mechanics behind this behavior where not only psychology, but physiology too is at play. Psychologically speaking, people crave the approval of others. And every time they meet a new person, the fear of rejection gets overwhelming and causes anxiety. Also, if that new person is of opposite sex, this fear then gets compounded and anxiety often turns into fear. So, let’s take a look at few methods to help you calm your nerves when you meet new people:

1.      Get around

If even the prospect of meeting new people makes you anxious, it’s a sign you need to get around more. For starters, all you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and hang around public places. You might not talk to anyone, but simply by being around people for longer hours every day will help you interpret people more easily.

2.      Be hydrated

Studies have shown that dehydration-even in its slightest form, has considerable effect on mood and behavior. So, if you are scheduled to meet some new people, be sure to grab a glass of water beforehand. On a lighter tone, if you feel stuck during the conversation, it will also lend you the opportunity to excuse yourself for a bathroom break to regain your composure.

3.      Breathe

Like dehydration, short breathes also induce anxiety by limiting the amount of oxygen supplied to brain, which in turn hampers the cognitive and emotional abilities of the brain. While this is certainly effective if done moments before meeting new people, it would be much beneficial in long run if done on a regular basis.

4.      Mimic

If the person you are about to meet is potentially very important and you do not want to take any chances, mimicking the entire possible conversation in front of a mirror is definitely going to help. Not only will it help you prepare better responses, but the tone, body language, etc. are all under scrutiny and will save you from common pitfalls.

5.      Start with a smile

Every time you approach a new person, start by greeting with a smile. Passing a smile will not only set a friendly tone for the conversation to follow, it will also generate empathy in the other person, who in turn will put you at ease.

6.      Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact when you are nervous may seem pretty tough at first, but once you do, the other person will admire your confidence and treat you with respect for it. This, along with boosting your confidence will settle your nerves.    

Now that you know a few basics about keeping your cool while meeting new people, one thing you always need to remember is that every person you know- from your colleagues to your besties, every single one of them was a stranger at some point. By and large, people are known to reflect the behavior they receive from others and everyone loves a good gesture.  So, every time you meet a person, know that they too are humans who admire social contact. But above all else, the most important aspect of gaining the approval of others is to gain the approval of yourself first.