5 Things That You Need To Learn From Your Failures


5 Things That You Need To Learn From Your Failures

Everyone has failed at one point or another but some do more often than others. While failing in itself is never by choice, we can always choose to learn from them. Since the only thing worse than failing is to fail again, we must treat failures as teachers and learn from them everything we can. Below are the 5 things that you must remember to follow every time you fail:

1.     Know you are not invincible, no one is!

To put it simply- everyone fails. To accept that you are not always going to succeed, in itself is one of the most valuable lessons you are going to learn from your failures. That being said, you must not root for failures and believe it to be inevitable, but rather treat them as occasional setbacks.


2.     Know who your real well-wishers are

We as humans are always surrounded by people- some with good intensions, others with bad, but most dangerous are those who hide their real intentions beneath the veneer of something entirely different. The times of failures when you are weak and vulnerable, is the time when they show their true self and hence gives you an opportunity to eliminate them from your life.


3.     Own your mistakes

Not every failure you suffer is a direct consequence of your mistakes. But if it is, you must be willing to recognize and own your mistakes. Sometimes people get short-sighted and lose the track of their actions which is bound to turn into another failure some time in future.


4.     Recognize any pattern

Though it may seem arbitrary and irrelevant, every failure has a character of its own. Since our cognition suffers from a lot of different biases, it is highly recommended that every time you suffer a failure, you should note down the mechanics behind it. Keep a journal of your failures might seem like a depressing idea at first, but in the long run it certainly would prove to be more valuable than your trophies of success.


5.     Use it as your strength

As the evolution suggests, humans are more actively driven by fear than any other emotion. Use the emotions you feel at the times of failure to fuel your future course of actions. Every time you face a tricky situation, remind yourself the same fear of failure and everything that is at stake to steer through the crisis.


In the end, what one learns from failure depends largely upon individual temperament and past experiences. While some take cautious steps to avoid failures at all costs, others move recklessly with the courage to confront failures. No matter which camp you come from, if you don’t the embrace the above mentioned points, you are bound to be trapped in the cycle of failures and regrets and will never be able to rise above mediocracy.